I love being in nature and adventure sports, especially rock climbing and stand up paddling.  My husband got me a dirt bike and I immediately fell in love with it. Like paddling and climbing, it takes me to places in nature I wouldn't otherwise see.

As I started getting more into dirt bikes, I found @babesrideout on Instagram.  I attended Babes in the Dirt 2 and that was my first time riding with other women.  It blew my mind to see all those women working together and helping each other.  Someone there asked me why I didn't have my license and I didn't really have a good answer for them, except for fear.  So I got my motorcycle license this summer and a dual sport bike.   I love dual sport because now I have the freedom to ride anywhere I want.

I recently attended Babes Ride Out 4 and got to see over a thousand women riding through Joshua Tree National Park.  My experiences at @babesrideout taught me about the power of women supporting each other.

There are so many awesome women riding dual sport and I noticed they didn't have a page of their own on Instagram and they totally deserve one, so I started @dualsportwomen.  I don't always get to ride as much as I'd like.  I am a mother to a 10 and 8 year old and a teacher in a low income school, so life is very busy.  I get so much inspiration from seeing other women's photos and hope @dualsportwomen encourages other women to get out and ride.